Mike Dunn

Growing up in a family of outdoorsmen and being an avid hunter and fisherman, gives me the edge in my choosen career as a wild life artist.

Knowing what animals actually look like in their natural habitat and seeing distinct details and colors, enables me to make animals more life like. I’ve always had an artists ability to sculpt, draw and paint, and my knowledge of biology, as in knowing animals inside and out, brings my being a wild life artist to reality. After all, the whole idea is to create that special moment that the hunter or fisherman will remember forever.

At age 15, using old 1927 taxidermy books, I taught myself the art of taxidermy, the old fashion way. Since then, I have been taught by some of the best in the country through competition and seminars and have won awards in local, state and international competitions.

You’ll find my work in nature centers, state parks, restaurants and museums. I was also commissioned in 2004 by Bass Pro Shop to mount a record book moose that will be on display in the Clarksville Bass Pro Shop. But the top award is the customers that return year after year. The added bonus is now their children are customers, too.

My special thanks to my Uncle Burchie, in Scottsburg, for all the weekends I hunted in his woods, for it kept me out of trouble, and to God, who has blessed me with a good life and the ability to recreate memories for people.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the website.